How to know your dog is sick? Top 4 signs of disease in dogs

Everyone will get sick at some point. Cold weather, eating unclean food, infection, etc. are all causes. Just like humans, dogs can also get sick. Every year, there are cases of death caused by the owner’s failure to find the dog’s illness in time.

How to know if your dog is sick? Unlike humans, when dogs feel weak, they cannot speak or tell us that they are sick. The only way for owners to determine whether they are sick is through their unusual behavior.

If your dog has the following four signs, you need to be aware that he or she may be sick.

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Fever should never be despised since it’s a remarkable sign of major diseases. Although fever in dogs is extremely common in clinical practice, sometimes it’s still difficult for us to distinguish. Here is a useful way.

A normal dog’s nose is wet and cool, and the skin temperature at the base of the ear is the same as that of other parts of the body. Once you find that the nose is dry and hot or the skin temperature at the base of the ear is higher than that of other parts, you should know that your dog may have a fever. All the next things you do is how to lower your dog body temperature. Taking medicine, or going to a pet hospital is ok.

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Dogs usually have a strong appetite. One day if you find your beloved’s appetite drops significantly while the food itself is not abnormal, it indicates that your dog may be sick.

Diarrhea for one day or two is just all right since the dog may eat some indigestible food and in this situation, the best way to cure diarrhea is fasting your dog for one day. However, if your dog has been diarrhea for a long time, say three days or five days, you must be careful that diarrhea may be caused by infectious diseases and you should take measures in time.

If your dog has expiratory dyspnea, he will mainly breathe faster and deeper, and this is not a good sign. Dyspnea largely means your dog may have respiratory diseases such as pneumothorax, bronchus, tracheitis, etc.

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There are many abnormal behaviors after illness, but the above four signs are the most obvious ones. Once your dog has one of them, he is probably sick. What you should do is treat your dog in time, take medicine, or see a doctor is all right, but don’t ignore it.

Among all the diseases of dogs, the highest mortality should be infectious diseases. Here are some effective tips to keep your dog from them.

  • If a dog is found to be ill, timely isolation and treatment should be carried out to prevent infection between humans and dogs, and the dog’s kennel should be fully disinfected;
  • Choose the right time to vaccinate the dog
  • Take effective preventive measures in time according to the signs of the dog suffering from the disease.

It’s normal for a dog to get sick. Do not be too nervous, just take timely medical measures.

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